Kitty Token is a Decentralized Meme Token.

Make the Fun with Kitty. Mine BNB with #KITTY upto 1000 BNB
By staking KITTY Token anyone can mine BNB from its BNB miner dApp. KITTY Token is determined to gain mass adoption and KITTY Team is only the way to massive adoption.

Mine BNB Now Buy KITTY


Total Supply

250 BNB

Initial Liquidity

1,000 BNB

Mine (Upto)


Frequently Asked Questions

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit.

Kitty Token is a Token Based on BEP-20. It is a Decentralized Meme token. The Dev Team only take 10% of the total Supply which will mostyly used in Marketing.

The only place to buy or sell KITTY safely is on CheeseSwap. If you can, it is safer to trade on a decentralized exchange like CheeseSwap or 1inch.